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 References - Behavioral Sciences class (psychosocial module)

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Data de inscriere : 30/08/2007

MesajSubiect: References - Behavioral Sciences class (psychosocial module)   24.04.18 21:55

Mandatory reference:

1. Popa-Velea, O. (2013). "Behavioral Sciences in Medicine", Ed. Universitară “Carol Davila”, Bucharest (vol.1: pag.11-19, 30-42, 73-159, 217-235 ; vol.2: 381-391, 404-421, 450-457, 502-543, 565-584).

Optional references:

2. French, D., Vedhara, K., Kaptein, Ad, A., Weinman, J. (2010). „Health Psychology” (2nd Edition), London: BPS Blackwell, cap. „The role of behaviour in health” (pag.13-32), „Alcohol and drug use” (pag.73-83), „”Smoking” (pag.33-46), „Intervention to change health-related behaviour patterns” (pag.99-110).

3. Kazanowski, M.K., Ouimet Perrin, K. (2011). „The nature of suffering and palliative care” (pag.1-24), in Ouimet Perrin, K., Sheehan, C.A., Potter, M.L., Kazanowski, M.K. (Eds.). „Palliative Care Nursing: Caring for Suffering Patients”, London: Jones & Bartlett Learning International.
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References - Behavioral Sciences class (psychosocial module)
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